Financial help for aids and equipment

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Aids and equipment can be essential for someone who needs care, and can make life easier and safer for carers. You can get help to choose and pay for the equipment you need, including alarms and monitors.

Choosing equipment

Useful equipment to help with moving, care or communication might include:

You can talk with your doctor or other health professionals about equipment that may help you. Independent Living Centres Australia also has a National Equipment Database that has information about aids and equipment options across Australia.

If you depend on medical equipment that needs an electricity supply, you should think about what you will do if the electricity goes off (for example, go to a friend or neighbour’s house, or use a generator). You should also talk with your energy company and let them know you are a ‘life support customer’, so they will warn you if your energy supply is going to go off.

National equipment schemes

The Australian Government has schemes to give you financial help for equipment. These are:

You may also be able to get payments to help with the cost of running medical equipment at home, such as a dialysis machine or an oxygen concentrator.

State and territory equipment schemes

Each state and territory has an equipment scheme. Equipment is usually loaned to you free or at low cost. These schemes are often means-tested (to see if you can pay for the service yourself or will need help), and some states have waiting lists for equipment.

The schemes are:

Non-government equipment help

Some nongovernment organisations provide equipment or information. For example:

How to get financial help for equipment

If you want to use a national scheme to get equipment

Visit the website you want:

If you want to use a state or territory scheme to get equipment

Visit your state or territory website:

If you want to use a nongoverment scheme to get equipment

Visit the website of the organisation you want: