You can ask for help without losing your payment

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There is a lot of support available for carers, from payments to home help and respite care.

Some carers think that you have to choose between getting a payment or getting help.

But you can have both!

If you are getting a payment from the Australian Government – such as a Carer Payment or Carer Allowance – you can still ask for other help.

Getting help

Asking for help is important. We know that carers cope best when they have help and support.

Think about what would help you and the person you care for. You can get many sorts of services and support, such as:

  • help at home – such as help with meals, cleaning or repairs
  • counselling to help you to deal with stress or anxiety
  • online coaching to help you learn new skills
  • financial help to make changes to your home – to help the person you care for to move around and do things safely
  • equipment – to help with moving, care or communication, such as a wheelchair or walker, oxygen equipment, or alarms and monitors
  • respite care – to let you take a break while someone else takes care of the person you care for

Talk to someone about what would help you and what help is available in your local area. You can call:

  • Carer Gateway – 1800 422 737 (to talk through services you could get)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – 1800 800 110 (if the person you care for has disability)
  • My Aged Care – 1800 200 422 (if the person you care for is over 65)

Getting a payment

As a carer, you could get financial help from the Australian Government, depending on how much care you provide. There are several payments available, including:

Visit the Centrelink Payment and Service Finder to see what payments you may be able to get.