Are you a student? 10 ways to make your life easier

3 minute read

Explore our 10 tips about what you can do to make life easier if you are a carer and a student.

1. Talk with your school, university or training centre about ways they can help you

As a carer, you may be able to find ways to catch up on missed work, or to get later deadlines for assignments.

2. Explore the payments you may be able to get

As a carer and student, you may be able to get a Carer Payment, Carer Allowance, Carer Supplement, Student Start-Up Loan; If you are under 25 years you may be able to get a Youth Allowance, or Young Carer Bursary.

3. Connect with other carers

You can talk with other carers who are students in our online forum, or call Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 to find a local support group.

4. Get help at home

If you are combining studying and caring, you might need extra help at home. There are many services that can help you, from providing meals to cleaning and making home repairs.

5. Make an emergency care plan

An emergency care plan has all the information about the person you care for in one place. It makes it easy for someone to take over from you in a hurry, or if you need to talk with someone such as a health care professional.

6. Find out what respite care you could get

Respite care means someone else looks after the person you care for while you have a break.

7. Find ways to deal with stress

Combining studying and caring can be stressful. It’s important to find ways to manage your stress and stay mentally healthy.

8. Find out what equipment or home changes might help

You can get equipment to help with moving, communicating with or looking after the person you care for. You can even make changes to your home to help them move around and do things for themselves.

9. Find out how you can work with health services

If you are a younger person, you might find it hard to talk with health professionals. There are some tips to make it easier.

10. Help the person you care for to plan for the future

You might want to think about how things might change over time, or whether the person you care for will need an advance care plan.