Are you working and caring? 10 ways to make your life easier

3 minute read

Explore our 10 tips about what you can do to make life easier if you are a carer who is also working.

1. Know your rights

At work, you should not be discriminated against because you are a carer, you can take leave to care for a family member, and you can ask for flexible working arrangements.

2. Talk with your employer

You should talk with your employer about your caring role and what changes might help you, such as earlier or later start times, or working from home.

3. Explore the payments you may be able to get

As a part-time carer, you may be able to get a Carer Allowance, Carer Supplement, or other payments for families, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, or young carers.

4. Talk with your employer even if you don’t want any changes

Even if you don’t want special arrangements, it’s a good idea to tell your employer about what’s happening so that they understand if there is an emergency or if your caring affects your work.

5. Make an emergency care plan

An emergency care plan has all the information about the person you care for in one place. It makes it easy for someone to take over from you in a hurry.

6. Think about whether alarms and monitors might help you

An alarm or monitor can give the person you care for a way to call for help in an emergency, or send information straight to you or others. For example, a fall monitor that senses if the person falls and alerts someone can give you peace of mind when you are at work.

7. Get help at home

Combining caring and working might leave you less time to do everything around the house, and you might need extra help at home. There are many services that can help you, from providing meals to cleaning and making home repairs.

8. Connect with other carers

You can talk with other carers in our online forum to find out how others handle working and caring, or contact Carers Australia groups in every state and territory.

9. Find out what respite care you could get

Respite care means someone else looks after the person you care for while you have a break.

10. Find ways to deal with stress

Combining working and caring can be stressful. It’s important to find ways to manage your stress and stay mentally healthy.