12 ideas and links for working and caring

2 minute read

You might be an employee, as well as a carer.

Many companies are developing ways to better support carers. This is good for carers, providing income, independence and fulfilment.

But it can also be good for employers. They can gain a more committed workforce who will stay in their role for longer. A 2014 survey found that more than half of carers stopped working because of their caring role, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

6 ways employers can help

  • Make sure employees can leave work on time
  • Offer carers flexible working hours
  • Set up flexible leave arrangements
  • Let carers work from home for some or all of the time
  • Let carers work from a different office
  • Host an employee support group for carers

6 links to help you talk with your employer

You can talk with your employer about ways they could support you in your role as a carer.

You might want to provide them with some links to useful information: