Cards and concessions

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You and the person you care for can get cards, concessions and discounts to allow you to pay less for a range of services and products.

National concession schemes

Some concessions (where you will pay less for something) are available all over Australia.


You might be able to get tax and superannuation concessions and exemptions if you get a disability or carer’s support payment from the Australian Government. Visit the Australian Taxation Office to find out more.

Events and travel

You may be able to get concession cards to help with the cost of events and travel. These include:

  • Companion Card – for people with a significant, permanent disability, who need a carer to help them to go to events. Organisations that accept the Companion Card will ask the person with disability to pay for their own ticket but will provide a free second ticket for a carer. You can apply for a Companion Card from your state or territory
  • Nongovernment carer concession schemes – many organisations offer carer concessions for things such as events and travel (for example, Hoyts offers a carer discount and Qantas offers a carer concession card).
  • Visit the Carers Australia state and territory websites to search for more information

State and territory concession schemes

Some Australian states and territories have specific carer concessions (where you will pay less for something). These are:

  • Victorian Government carer card – offers a wide range of discounts and benefits from businesses, community organisations and the local government. It is for people in Victoria who
    • are the main carer of a person with disability, a severe medical condition or a mental illness
    • are caring for someone who is frail and elderly or needing palliative care, or
    • are a foster, kinship or respite carer
  • Queensland Government carer business discount card and concessions – provide discounts on goods and services at participating businesses throughout Queensland. It is for people who are residents of Queensland who get a Carer Payment or Carer Allowance, or who have been approved as a carer by the Queensland Government Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  • Northern Territory Concession Scheme – may help you with some household bills, driving and travel costs. It is for people who are permanent residents of the Northern Territory who get a benefit from the Australian Government, such as a Carer Payment or Age Pension
  • South Australians on low or fixed incomes can access a range of concessions to help with household and other expenses.

How to get cards and concessions

If you need to find out what tax concessions you can get

Visit the Australian Taxation Office website or call 132 861

If you need to get a Companion Card

Download the application form for your state or territory:

If you need to get other state concession cards and discounts

Visit the websites for your state or territory: