Carer Directed Support service

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If you are a carer you may be able to get support under the Carer Directed Support service. The Carer Directed support service is aimed at supporting you in your caring role. It gives you a greater say and more control over the support provided to you and the person/s you care for.

Support may be offered to you in one of two forms:

  • One-off practical support that might be used for items and services such as:
    • purchase of small asset items to assist carers in their continued education
    • payment for training courses.
  • Carer Directed Packages can be directed towards a range of practical supports to assist you in your caring role. Carer Directed Packages might be used for items and services such as:
    • planned respite (direct or indirect)
    • cleaning services
    • assistance with shopping
    • cooking
    • assistance with transport such as paying a taxi for transport to medical appointments or shopping.

To find out more about the Carer Directed Support service contact Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737.